Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Summer 2008. Jim Hanley, Bob Hawkins, Charlie Bunger Sr., Tom Bunger, Charlie Bunger Jr. The Surfboard is a classic 60's Bunger still being ridden today.


abidjan said...

Great photo !!!!

Pete said...

Wow do I feel old. I met Jim back in th early 70's. Tony C. had the Albatross in Montauk and Jim had some of his boards there. I think he was shaping and building upstate somewhere. Any way he built a beautiful deep swallow tail single fin for a kid I had in summer camp on Star Island.This was way before surf camps. These were great times!!! The thruster still hadn't been invented although lots of guys were toying with a 3 fin model. And the fish was the board to ride at Ditch. Poles was called Fortress and you could sleep in your car up there and even have a camp fire. Try doing that today!!
Bob I met while clamming on the North Shore around Port Jefferson. He was nice guy who kept to himself. I hear he's back shaping thats Great! Thanks for the flashback.